Super Hot 40

Super Hot 100

Super Hot 20

Burning Hot 20

Burning Hot 40

Ultimate Hot

Caramel Hot

Super Dice 20

Super Dice 40

Super Dice 100

Dazzling Hot 5

Flaming Hot

Extremely Hot

Lucky Hot

Hot and Cash

Hot Dice 5

Lucky and Wild 20

Lucky and Wild 40

Diamonds 20

Dice and Roll

Caramel Dice

Rolling Dice

Neon Dice

Flaming Dice

Royal Secrets

Great Star 5

Lucky King 40

Mega Clover

Burning Hot 100

Burning Heart 10

Game of Luck

Shining Crown

Zodiac Wheel

Supreme Dice

Wins 81

Burning Dice 5

Burning Dice 40

Dark Queen

Supreme Hot

Dice and Roll 40

Amazing Amazonia

Coral Island

Big Journey

Kangaroo Land

Wonder Tree

Queen of Rio

Fast Money

Retro Style

Two Dragons

White Wolf

Burning Dice

Burning Heart 5

Dazzling Hot 20

Joker Reels 20

Super 20

Mark Mark
Mark Jacob
Mark Larry the Bird
Mark Larry the Bird
Mark Larry the Bird
Mark Larry the Bird

Big Jackpot is waiting
for its winner

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Winsatrs casino
Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core is built on Blockchain and smart contracts. We rely on simple and attractive games designed for anyone, not even a gambler, with transparent and guaranteed honest results.

Transparency of work
The goal of the project is to create an international, absolutely transparent gambling operator built on the basis of Ethereum, with the ability to check the history of each bet and game, with attractive affiliate program and the best opportunities to earn on the gambling market.